For the Planet

Nature, as an apothecary

Through the ages, nature has been an apothecary for the arts using natural pigments found in the earth's landscapes creating a partnership with the richness and diversity of life. Modern society has become disconnected with nature.

Natural Earth Pigments

Using Santa Barbara Beach-Sourced Natural Earth Pigments and a Plant-Based Medium in painting is a way to stand up for the earth by increasing a connection to the environment and a larger, sustainable, ethical perspective of life. It's a dedication to be part of the landscape, an artistic, conscious championing for conservation, environmentalism and response to climate change.


Using creativity to imagine a new awareness in art that is a force for good with an unshakeable commitment to lightening the footprint of painting.


To contribute a percentage of's resources to projects, organizations and individuals that have practical strategies for creating a path to honor life on earth, which in turn honors the individual beauty in each of us.

Asking: How am I showing up and protecting what I love?