Beach - Sourced Pigments

I've been moving to a more natural and earth-friendly approach to my artwork by using materials that are alive from the natural elements and the processes of nature by foraging for my own pigments or

Sourcing non-toxic materials

My current paintings are made from Santa Barbara Beach-Sourced Pigments. These tiny pigment particles interact with and reflect light in a definite different way and have 

a 'feel' that is unmatched by synthetic paints.


he colors and shapes in my paintings have been in my imagination for a long time and I wanted them to be visible as a part of a continuous narrative with a message of invisible energies and beauty.
Having worked in a diverse range of creative expressions, what has become more relevant for me is a simpler discrete piece of visual information and

an aura of serenity.

The process of painting is making discoveries while remaining open to where the color leads. As a metaphor, it's a lot like riding a horse bareback. You have to stay really centered and balanced but connected to something other than yourself.

A spark within flowing from an inner field desiring to connect to greater things. One that honors our own deep wisdom and immersion with the natural world.

These chromatic studies, sophisticated and colored by nature are where simplicity and harmony merge together to share nature but make it modern. Activating the true gifts of natural-sourced materials is 

expressing the process and power of creation itself.

It has brought to me a wiser perspective about the resources I use and an alignment with 

a change in my awareness for a positive influence.